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Expert Affiliate Marketing Management

Written by Ant Lynch on . Posted in Affiliate program advice

Why outsourcing may be the best option

Outsourcing your affiliate program can be a great decision for your business, especially if you do not have the in house expertise to take your program forward. By seeking the expertise of an experienced affiliate management team you give your affiliate program the best chance to succeed. With a proactive affiliate marketing management approach an experience affiliate management team can really help your program in the following areas:

Set Up Advice

It is key that when setting up your affiliate marketing program you know what to look for. There is an abundance of affiliate networks available to you and getting the wrong network for your products or services could be costly. Some networks are stronger in certain areas such as finance, fashion, technology. With an experienced affiliate management team in place you can have comfort that the right choice will be made.

Pricing can be an area where it is possible you may get stung. With an experienced affiliate team behind your program you can be sure the best prices will be negotiated with the networks. Once your program is set up it will need to be advertised to the right audience. A good sound knowledge of where to advertise your affiliate program is a must. The correct affiliate forums, directories and blogs will all help in spreading the word of your affiliate program to the best affiliates.


Getting your recruitment strategy right is essential and the one thing that could make the difference in your affiliate program being a success or failure. Knowing and having relationships with all of the UK super affiliates will give your program the kick start it needs. With vast experience in developing highly targeted bespoke recruitment strategies you can be sure an experienced affiliate management team will get the correct affiliates signed up to your program.

Ongoing Management

Once your affiliate program is set up and you have recruited the right affiliates to your program you then need to have proactive ongoing management. This can include a number of duties such as general admin plus vetting/approving new affiliates.

Incentivising and getting the best out of your affiliates will always be an ongoing process that your program will need to mature in to a successful affiliate offering. This can include commission management and bonuses, voucher code management and creating the right voucher behavior, communicating with affiliates on a regular basis to see what extra exposure you can get and much more. With an experienced affiliate team behind your program you can have confidence you program will get the best start possible in the affiliate marketing space.