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Using Affiliate Marketing to create Brand Awareness – Startups

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Just Starting Out

If you’re a new brand just entering the online world the chances are you will not have much natural search for your brand. You will not have much traffic coming into your site from any of the main marketing sources, and ultimately sales will be thin on the ground.

It’s tough to get the point across as to just how powerful affiliate marketing can be to a new brand. Many new startup businesses online measure success by looking at sales only. We all know that sales is obviously the main metric to judge success, but you businesses need to realise that unless you have an ultra-niche product or service, then competition in the online world is fierce.

By starting an affiliate program early in your online adventure you can create massive brand awareness.Opening up your brand to the world of cashback, voucher code, content driven, loyalty, email experts and many more you open your brand up to a whole new world of customers.

The UK super affiliates as they are known can boast of customer bases in excess of 5 million.If your brand could get exposure to even 1% of that base then you will be creating brand awareness. With growing brand awareness comes more natural search. With more natural search comes more free traffic to your site. With more traffic to your site should lead to increased sales.

Affiliate marketing - brand awareness So when considering using the affiliate channel, don’t just think of it as a sales driver. In the long term if your brand grows then the affiliate channel should become a valuable driver of sales for you, but to grow brand awareness at a minimal cost is priceless, and this is what the affiliate channel can offer.

Simply put you can advertise your products or services to millions of customers by simply setting up a program.

What are the costs involved?

Starting an affiliate program can cost you anything from £0 – £5000. It all depends on what affiliate network you decide to go with. All the major UK affiliate networks have strengths and weaknesses. The larger more developed affiliate platforms will command a higher price.

The beauty of running an affiliate program is the way you pay affiliates. The most common commission model is CPA (cost per acquisition). This means you only pay an affiliate if they have completed a sale. This is what makes the channel so cost effective.

So if you want to get great brand exposure and you are new to the online world, considering an affiliate program to grow your brand awareness just might be a good avenue for you to choose.

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