Affiliate Recruitment

affiliate recruitment

There are many important elements that go in to starting an affiliate program. There is none more important that the process of recruiting the right affiliates for your brand. Smart Affiliate Management utilises a number of effective techniques to make sure your program attracts the correct type of affiliate.

Our Affiliate Directory

By trawling our database of over 6000 active UK affiliates for suitable partners, we are confident in giving your affiliate program the start it needs. Over 12 years of relationship building with affiliates in all types of niches enables us to recruit quick and effectively. We can also use our excellent “super affiliate” relationships to get your brand ranking on the best affiliate sites.

We will build an effective affiliate recruitment strategy around your program needs. We will make sure the strategy identifies and effectively communicates to the affiliate you need to help push your program. With our defined recruitment strategies, you will be surprised at where we look to get the right partners on board for you.

Let’s discuss your program needs and requirements so we can tailor an affiliate recruitment strategy that suits you. If you want to find out more about our affiliate recruitment packages please get in touch at