Recruiting Affiliates for your Program

Written by Ant Lynch on . Posted in Affiliate Recruitment

affiliate recruitment When starting an affiliate program one of the most important parts of making it a success lies in recruiting the right affiliates.

This guide outlines the most successful ways to recruit the right affiliates to your program, plus it also identifies some potential pitfalls you may encounter along the way.

Where to find affiliates

Finding the right affiliates for your program is not an easy task. You need to really route down and identify the keywords that you want to target. Once you have got your list of keywords, start to search these keywords in all the major search engines.

Have a look on the first page of organic search results and identify any potential affiliate targets. Look for contact details on all the sites you identify as affiliate targets and build up a list. Other possible affiliate targets can be identified by searching:

• Blogger Networks
• Affiliate Networks
• Niche Forums
• Conferences
• Social Media

As well as the above there is an abundance of main stream affiliate sites available to showcase your products and services. Shopping comparison sites, cashback sites, voucher code sites, email marketers. You need to continually search for these types of companies to compile a good affiliate contact list.

Vetting potential affiliates

Vetting your affiliates is essential for a number of important reasons. The first thing you need to do is take a look at the site and make sure the content is relevant to the product or service you are offering. Does the site have a good traffic source?

Check free statistic sites like Alexa to see how much traffic the site is currently receiving. How will the site drive sales? Paid search? Banners? Content? Are they already active within the affiliate space? If so what are they advertising? Are they advertising competitors?

Factors that affect affiliate choice

Affiliates need a reason to join your affiliate program. Below is a list of factors that affiliates take in to account before considering joining an affiliate program. This list is ranked with the most important being number one. As you can see commission is a massive influence. Make sure you are competitive within your niche when it comes to paying commission.

What are your competitors paying? Can you match or beat them? Affiliate Networks? Some of the top affiliates that advertised lots of brands like to only deal with a handful of networks to limit administration. These are normally the top performing networks, so you need to do your homework and make sure these affiliates are with the network you sign up to.

1. Commission
2. Product & Service relevancy
3. Affiliate Network / Tracking Platform
4. Brand Awareness
5. Merchant Reputation
6. Affiliate Program Reputation
7. Cookie Duration
8. Payment Terms and Methods
9. Marketing Terms & Conditions
10. Earnings Per Click

Challenges you may encounter

You will come across a number of problems when trying to recruit affiliates. Do not feel despondent if a majority of the affiliates you contact do not get in touch with you. From every 100 affiliates contacted if you get 20 reply you have done very well.

One of the biggest problems is getting an affiliate to respond. You need to make your communication as strong as possible to entice them to open it and take further action. The bigger affiliates will receive hundreds of emails a day so there is a good chance your email will be discarded without even being looked at.

Blogs you may find do not want to join your program. They might want you to pay an advertising fee up front.