What is Affiliate Marketing

shutterstock_122697907 An Explanation

Affiliate programs are a way for online businesses to sell their products by using the power of specialist websites. You simply give a website (the affiliate) marketing tools like banners to help sell your products or services. The affiliate gets a unique tracking link from which ever network you are signed up to. The tracking link is then put in to the banners provided. When a website visitor clicks on the banner it tracks the site the click came from.

If the customer then goes on to make a purchase you pay the website that provided the customer with a commission. This is normally a set fee or a percentage of the sale.

Examples of Affiliate Sites

You get a wide variety of affiliate sites that specialise in driving customers to sites in their own unique ways. You get cashback sites that offer the consumer cashback on purchases made through your program.

You get voucher code sites that offer discount codes to incentivise customers in to purchasing. You have blogs specializing in niche subject, and email marketers that send out promotions to their own email bases. These are just a few examples of the many affiliate types available.

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